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Action Soft Art 1 - Softy Papers EXCLUSIVE by PapierStudio Silke

Action Soft Art 1 - Softy Papers EXCLUSIVE by PapierStudio Silke


PHOTOSHOP Soft Art paper ACTION PS - CS2 and UP. Not compatible withPS Elements.

This action is to create papers with a soft art effect. Very unique, it depends on the brushes that you use. When it finished, its your turn: Playing with brushes you will get great effects and would be able to make wonderful customized artsy papers.
Unlimited artistic effects! With this action you can make your own soft backgrounds. Play the action, then choose the colors from your swatch and play again the second action. When the second part is finished, you can use the brushes (you will get 26 brushes with this action) and paint and stroke in order to get unique results. Rotate the image and stroke more!
This action was tested in PS CS2 and PS CS3. Tutorial included.

You can even use these items to design your website or your own digital scrapbooking kits.

Commercial Use/ CU4CU/ S4H/ PU OK, no credits required. 
Freebies are allowed ONLY if this product is modified, resized or mixed with other elements!!!

Soft Art Actions by PapierStudio Silke.

You May use my Action and Brushes as CU4CU but with restrictions (*): 
 (*)  Use my action and add customized brushes in order to create unique work!! You are allowed to use 50% of my brushes to complete a CU project. Buy third part brushes or create your own brushes to develop overlays, papers or other products to sell for CU-designers. 
You may use them to create CUse overlays and papers for CU 
Use them to create page borders (edge overlays)
Use them to create photo textures or layer styles 
If you want to create masks to sell for C-Use, please do not use only my brushes. If my brushes help you to create other product it is ok. Not only from my brushes. Let's say: using 50% of my brushes and 50% from your own stuff is OK.
You may not 
- re-sell my brushes (even modified)
- make actions using my brushes
- make brushes from my brushes
Please remember: the brushes are a building tool to create other cu-items.

You may use these items to design your kits that you sell for personal use and S4H or S4O.

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