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Z_TOU - PapierStudio Silke

Silke Lemcke - Papierstudio Silke Scrap Designs

 All graphics copyrighted by Silke Lemcke with all rights reserved. With this license you obtained the permission to use these graphics according to the limitations below. You are required to abide by these terms of use at all times.

 Commercial Use


When THE PRODUCT IS Marked FOR CU (Commercial Use)


You may use my products that are clearly marked as CU or for commercial use in any 

professional development without credit, with the exception of creating other commercial use products. 

*Examples of professional developments you may use: 

handmade products to be sold with Angel Policy Use for scrapbook or craft (for small home business, not mass-produced); 

part of a trademark/logo;  etc.”

 You may use these products in the creation of digital scrapbook designs 

by incorporating them in a digital kit and/or kits that you will sell with 

a S4O/S4H license, Quick Pages, paper scrapbook designs, website design, 

making greeting cards, wrappers, calendars, etc and photo book designs without limitation.

 Freebie Friendly - My CU stuff is Freebie friendly, and if not, I will state this in the product description.

FREEBIES are allowed, but please, follow this: the end result must be different than the original item. 

You can make free quick pages of the kit you created using my CU products as long as the layers are merged.


You may NOT:

Examples of things you may NOT do with my products

- create other products you will sell for CU/designer use 

redistribute these items put into a book, CD, commercial, video game and so on. 

use in creation of photos that will be sold on places such as istock.

 - distribute these products in their original form

- create new professional or commercial use products with these files.


Commercial Use 4 Commercial Use






You May use my Action and Brushes as CU4CU (*)

You may use them to create CUse overlays and papers 

Use them to create page borders (edge overlays)

Use them to create photo textures or layer styles 

If you want to create masks to sell for C-Use, please do not use only my brushes. If my brushes help you to create other product it is ok. Not only from my brushes. Not more than 30% of your design must be my items.


You may not 

- re-sell my brushes (even modified)

- make actions using my brushes

- make brushes from my brushes

Please remember: the brushes are a building tool to create other cu-items.


You may use my products that are clearly marked as CU4CU in any professional development without credit.

You may use them to create other commercial use products. (*) 

All other conditions from CU will apply here.


(*)when a product is qualified to be CU4CU you may use it as a tool to create your own stuff that you are going to sell with a CU, PU or S4H license. 

You have to modify the original element in order to sell it. 


: Thank You ::

Thank you for choosing to download this digital graphics kit. I hope that you enjoy using the elements in this kit as much as I have enjoyed creating them.

 2015 © by designer Silke Lemcke

All rights reserved

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