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Order Reset FEE


This is a fee to reset an order older than 30 days. Please review our reset policy below.
NOTICE: Please note that some downloads link on your order may no longer be available due to discontinued products or designers who are not longer in our store. Those files havew been removed and are not available anymore. We do not responsible should your some download links not be available once we reset your order. 
Once you make your payment your order will be reset.  You MUST indicate the order# within the comment field of your purchase. Although most resets are immediate, it may take up to 12 hours before your order maybe reset.
Please choose your reactivation amount below
$5 for one order to be reactivated
$10 for two orders to be reactivated
$15 for two orders to be reactivated
and so on...
Thank you!
It is solely your responsibility to download, unzip and backup your orders BEFORE your order expires. All download links automatically expire after 7 days or 5 separate download clicks (whichever comes first). We STRONGLY suggest that you copy your downloads to a CD or DVD or some sort of external device such as a EHD (External Hard Drive) to ensure their safe keeping because computers are known to crash without warning and we can not be used as your online storage device.
Download resets may be done for up to 30 days on all orders for reasons of corrupt files or lost files or missed downloads. After 30 days, we cannot guarantee that the your order and/or the zip files will still be available. Files may no longer be available due to discontinued products or designers products of those who are not longer in our store. 
Download reactivation resets for orders older than 90 days old are subject to a $5.00 processing fee, per order. We will not reactive any orders that are more than six (6) month old, you must re-purchase the product(s).

Pleas contact us you have any further question or concerns: email:  cudigitals(at) or owner(at)

Thank you for shopping with us!


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FREE Gift with Purchase
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