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Gemstone Outlines ACTION by Boop Designs

Gemstone Outlines ACTION by Boop Designs

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ACTION – Gemstone Outlines by Boop Designs

This useful action will give you endless options.  There are 3 actions within this action.  The first action let’s you create a gemstone outline on any shape.  You can either fill this shape with a color, gradient, or pattern.  Or, you can decide to just use the shape outline for your gemstones.  The second action let’s you create your own text with the font and size of your choice and then adds a gemstone outline on your text. Like with the first action, you may choose to fill your text with any color, gradient, or pattern.  Or, as with the shape, you can forego the fill and just create a text outline of the gemstones.  The last action allows you to open an existing element of your own, and add the gemstone outline to it.  All 3 actions give you the choice to keep the clear diamond style on your gemstone or change the gemstone to the color of your choice.

Just THINK of all the uses you will use this action for…..  SO many choices, SO many uses!  This action will  pay for itself, the first time you use it.

CU, PU, S4O & S4H Friendly

Please read my TOU included with the files for complete details. Click HERE for complete details of my TOU

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